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 boîte de duncan

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Duncan Bastille
Duncan Bastille
Infos de baseCREDITS : peach' (avatar) northern lights. (signature) // B A Z Z A R T
SITUATION : coeur difficilement corruptible.
OCCUPATION : étaler mes pensée sur une feuille de papier.
Messages : 351
Date d'inscription : 27/10/2014
Feat : a s h s t y m e s t .
Fiche RPG
• RP en cours: ft. bambi | ft. sacha | ft jona
• Relations: bambi (la colombe), jona (le frère), sacha (l'ange)
• Dortoir: (?) : kohvan, dan.

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MessageSujet: boîte de duncan   boîte de duncan EmptyDim 2 Nov - 16:29

beau de l'air
ps: j'existe encore.

    prisonnier de la vie.
    délivre-moi de tes mots.
    mon âme en peine,
    mon corps de haine.

© Rinema

attendre l'impossible
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Aaron Hopper
Aaron Hopper
Infos de baseCREDITS : HerSunshine - Bazzart
Messages : 27
Date d'inscription : 28/10/2014
Feat : Aram Gevorgyan
Fiche RPG

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MessageSujet: Re: boîte de duncan   boîte de duncan EmptyMer 3 Déc - 22:10

Dear stranger,

Hi. My name is ... (notice the little dots that replaced my real name, wisely used to put a bit of mystery here), and I am, just like you, stuck in this place, between these walls, because of something I did. It's not a very interesting story, I don't want to bore you with an endless speech about my life, so the reason why I'm here in this institute will remain a mystery for the moment. Maybe someday, more about it will be discovered. But now is not the time for that, and I don't feel like writing about that at all. Anyway, I am currently in the dormitory, where I like spending a lot of time, even in the middle of the day, when it's not the time to sleep. Who cares ? I am currently in the dormitory, it's cloudy outside, big great grey clouds, and it's quite gloomy. And, guess what ? I am very bored. Yes, very much bored, so I randomly decided to write this letter. Truth is, I don't even know which stranger I'm going to send it to yet, I think I'll probably discover this during the day. Finding who I'll send this letter to will be my second mission of the day, the first mission being to write the said letter, obviously. I don't know if you're still reading by now, maybe you threw the letter in the bin a long time ago, maybe you're a busy person and don't have time to loose reading the words of a bored idiot. The existence of a person confined here that would find a way to be busy would actually surprise me, I don't know in what way you can lead a busy life in here. Especially on the weekend. Even the activities don't last the whole day, and I personnaly decided to skip them today. I didn't feel like it. But yeah, back to the point, I am not very occupied here, so I don't see how anybody else could be. Anyway, I don't have much to write about anymore, even my inspiration has its limits. I think I've expressed myself enough to hold my boredom back for a few minutes, and I will now proceed to find a recipient for this letter, and then send the letter. I hope that, by the time I will accomplish my objectives, the day has ended. Because if this happens, it'll mean I'll have accomplished an even bigger project : get myself occupied the whole day.

Sincerely yours,

A certain person.

/HS/ La patate juteuse que je suis n'a pas réussi à poster cela en invité, alors faisons tous semblant que je suis là incognito, s'il-vous plaît ;_; /HS/
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boîte de duncan

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